My adventure for travel didn’t begin with reading a blog, but yours could.

If you’re interested in travel guides, inspiration for where to go to next but also the truths and tyrannies on the road with a side of sustainability, then you’re in the right place.

I hope to create a community to inspire you to take a break from your desk and explore the big world or simply provide you with a lunch-time read.

Pocket-sized Adventures is a very new venture and I’m looking forward to learning more with you, and hopefully from you.

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I’m Jess and at just under 5″1, 5″ and three quarters of an inch to be precise, you could call me pocket-sized.

I’m a lover of all things sustainable and travel. If you want to know even more about me check out my first blog post.

I’ve recently quit my job as Energy Analyst to travel Asia with my boyfriend Alex and you’re in the right place to follow our adventures.

Join my Facebook community here and follow me on instagram @pocket_sizedadventures and twitter @pocketsized.

Enjoy the ride,

Lots of Pocket-sized love,